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Board of Directors

Malcolm Weems, Chairman, SCCS,Inc Board Chair.webp

A Message From Our Chairman

Board Chairman

Malcolm Weems

Weemsway Consulting, LLC


South Central Community Services Inc. has served the Chatham community and the greater south side of Chicago for over 50 years. It is with great pride and a sense of purpose that we relaunch our organization that has long stood for community involvement, education, and public health.

Our journey has been marked by unwavering commitment to excellence, resilience in the face of challenges, and a relentless pursuit of community engagement. As we stand at the threshold of a new era, I am excited by the opportunities that lie ahead and the potential we possess to redefine what a social service organization is.The steadfast dedication of our employees, partners, and donors has brought us this far, and it is this collective spirit that will propel us forward. We are guided by a vision that goes beyond simple programming – it is a commitment to leaving a lasting positive impact on our community. In the coming months, you will witness strategic initiatives aimed at youth intervention and violence prevention, after school programming that includes athletics, arts, tutoring and mental health workshops, senior events, and expansion of community partnerships.Thank you for your unending support, dedication, and belief in South Central. Together, we will not only navigate the challenges of the future but will seize them as opportunities to make a lasting mark on our community.


Warm regards,

Malcolm Weems

Chairman of the Board

South Central Community Services, Inc.

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