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Day Treatment Teacher

Updated: Sep 25


Day Treatment Teacher

8316 South Ellis Avenue

Chicago, IL 60619

PROGRAM: Day Treatment


REPORTS TO: Director of Special Education



  • Under the direct supervision of the Principal or Curriculum Specialist, the Teacher adopts the major responsibility for the academic learning, social and emotional growth of students. This includes the use of teaching techniques and tools which stimulate an interest in learning and covering the basic academic.


  • Participates in Special Education inservices and other planning meetings for students.

  • Understand requirements of Public Law 94-142 and State Special Education legislation.

  • Understand role of educational support staff and establish cooperative relationships with them.

  • Participate with other professionals in the IEP development and revision process for Special Education students.

  • Prepare an individual educational program for Special Education students.

  • Identify and communicate expectations for students’ behavior in the classroom.

  • Organize multiple data collection procedures to determine and monitor each student’s present level of functioning and educational needs.

  • Submit weekly lesson plans that describe activities/strategies to be utilized in order to be utilized in order to meet individual needs of each student.

  • Examine personal preferences for instructional models as well as feasible alternatives.

  • Understand ways of altering teaching procedures and strategies to accommodate individual differences among students.

  • Facilitate integration and use of Special Education support staff in instruction of each student.

  • Identify and differentiate among behavior management techniques.

  • Select and use appropriate behavior management techniques for each student.

  • Facilitate and encourage appropriate interaction among students.

  • Organize a data collection system for monitoring the progress of each student.

  • Collect and record student progress data.

  • Arrange meetings to share student progress data with student, parent(s) and social worker.

  • Utilize progress data to revise or set new instructional goals for each student.

  • Understand student’s and parents’ due process rights.

  • Devise ways to help parents support learning of their child at home.

  • Maintain record of parent information and contacts.

  • Cooperate with co-workers by sharing ideas and methods of instruction.

  • Exhibit ethical behavior toward fellow teachers and co-workers.

  • Attend team meetings and general meetings.

  • Seek assistance, advice, and guidance, when necessary, for colleagues, specialists and/or administrators.

  • Confer, when necessary and possible, with parent(s) to foster a constructive parent/teacher relationship.

  • Forecast equipment and material needs to the Director of Special Education.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.

  • Develop awareness of and sensitivity to cultural backgrounds and needs.

  • Maintain yearly Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) certificate.

  • Use appropriate CPI techniques when necessary.

*South Central Community Service Center is a Social Service Agency that works with children. The qualified candidate must pass a background check approved by the Department of Children and Family Services and Chicago Public Schools.

TO APPLY: Email your resume and cover letter to Please include the Job Title in the subject line. If you have any questions please call:

(773) 483-0900.

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